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Beruntung - the true meaning of lucky!

In August 2017, Mum and her girl friends were in Bali, Indonesia for Mum’s pre-wedding celebrations. If you have visited Bali in the past you will already be aware of the abundance of street dogs roaming the streets, it’s heart breaking to see. Mum has been to Bali over 5 times and it never gets any easier to stomach.


Right by their Villa in Seminyak, there was a gorgeous kind eyed boy that Mum and her friends all fell in absolutely in with. They saw him every morning and every night right outside the Quick Mart and were totally besotted by him. Without any hesitation they all raced to find the nearest pet store and purchased him a bowl and months supply of food. One of the sweet girls who worked at the store offered to feed him every day for us with the food we had provided.


Fast forward 12 months to August 2018,, Mum is back in Bali this time with Papa. Today was extra special, as Mum and Dad walked to the location of the Quick Mart where we knew he had previously called home. To our absolute happiness we saw him strutting the streets right outside the store! Their hearts and faces light up and they couldn’t believe they found him once again! We raced to the local pet store and stocked up the staff at Quick Mart with lots of food and a new bowl for our boy.


The moment we met him in 2017 we knew that he was a special boy and we all instantly felt connected to him, we started calling him ‘Beruntung’, it means lucky in Indonesian and we felt so incredibly lucky to have met him.

There are many incredible organisations here in Bali who are dedicated to rescuing, treating and rehoming these gorgeous animals.  If you would like to help Save The Bali Dogs, you can donate by vising Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)i, via the link:

Happy #NationalDogDay 

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