Tuesday, 17 July 2018 22:07

Papa and Me

Some may say that Mum is the word and I think they are right, well most of the time! This is my Papa bear Joe, his real name is Giuseppe and yes you guessed it… he is an Italian stallion. He was born in Australia but lived in Sicily in a small village as a young toddler with his family; his family migrated to Australia in 1963. Just like me, Papa loves his food... It must be an Italian-genetic thing because I love it too!

Papa and I have a special bond, a bond that is quite different to Mum’s and mine. He walks me and Mum brushes me, He plays tug with me and picks up my poop in the backyard whilst Mum smothers me with cuddles. Papa takes me on two walks a day, both morning and night – I like to call this bro-time! He also lets me lay on him while he is watching TV, In-fact it is one of our favourite things to do together. I am a pretty lucky pupper (some may say even spoilt). I love my hoomans very much, and so I like to keep them on their toes with my cheekiness and they love it! Love and licks, Jagy Boy x

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